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先生。Thorne Does Phonics: Great ideas for reading teachers

Talented teachers who are also talented videographers are rising.对,you've seen Khan Academy,但是你见过先生吗?英国的语音?更名为 先生。索恩会语音.

这些视频通过 先生。索恩(特写在英国的TES网站上)是为家长们设计的,这样他们就知道如何加强他在学校教的语音,所以他们非常基础。但是,what a novel idea!在家里做一些你需要父母帮助的事情,然后教父母? (现在,“翻转”教室的情况如何?这是以一种全新的方式翻转它。)

我知道。Thorne has a British accent (well of course,他是一名英国学校的老师),但这个有声游戏的开始和结束是一个很酷的方法来教语音。

我不想谈语音对比。Whole language debate here.虽然我的学校非常注重语音,但我们确实有 白痴视线词as well.我学的是语音,所以作为一个家长,it was easy for me to teach my children phonics.I think it is a great idea for teachers to make videos for parents,尤其是如果父母可以上网。我发了电子邮件,但现在不做视频的想法。

He has quite a few为教阅读的人准备的语音视频。你会有很多想法的。

TES代表时代教育增刊( 网址:http://www.tes.co.uk/)尽管几年前它们作为私人实体从伦敦时报剥离出来。他们有 杂志该杂志在英语世界(主要在美国以外)有着非常广泛的发行,涵盖了许多当前的话题(如本周的翻转学习)。

但它是 their teacher website那完全把我吹走了。

The statistics as of this morning:

  • 1.6 million teachers
  • 102K教学资源
  • 这些资源的下载量超过1亿次
  • 196 countries have used the materials

All of the resources are free and they have teachers on staff who vet the resources as well.While you'll notice that currently the resources are aligned with standards in the UK,他们正在将资源与包括美国在内的其他国家的标准进行协调。当我回来一两个月时,I found some great presentations and ideas for my technology courses.Their special needs resources据我所知非常受欢迎。

I talked to my friend Julie Lindsay,in China,(最初来自澳大利亚)她认真阅读他们的杂志,告诉我这是一个在她的圈子里教书的高度信任的组织。That and my "homework" on their site was enough for me to decide to establish a relationship with this company.

Yes.You will.如你所知,I disclose any and all relationships with any organization.我确实在我的博客的右手边有一些精选的广告主,它们符合我的使命,是我在博客上感觉良好的公司。所以,当Tes联系我,在我的博客和Twitter上分享他们的资源以及我分享的其他地方时,I was very excited.I would be writing about these resources anyway and I may be able to write a little more deeply and they've promised to help me "meet" the teachers behind some of the resources as well.

我将每周在他们的网站上写一到两次关于不同事物的文章,在接下来的几个月里,我也将在推特上发布他们的一些资源。我的博客和推特流上的所有内容都是我手工选择的。If I blog it,I think it.就个人而言,我在他们的网站上发现了很多令人难以置信的资源,我认为我可以在推特和博客上发布无限量的广告,而不会失去酷感,helpful things to write about.


Join TES,I think it is a great site for sharing.要适应年级的差异,但是如果你挖的话,你会发现一些新颖的想法。I also hope you'll share your resources as well.

也,我想和你分享我在博客底部的最新披露声明。我想要你,我的读者,to know what you can expect for me.Although this disclosure is broad,我更严格地执行它。我决定我要写些什么样的资源,我会写一些我认为对你有帮助的东西。I doubt you'll see much change here except that I'll have more resources from overseas in the mix and I,就个人而言,认为这是件好事。

Here goes the legal stuff just so you know.;-) (这将从今天开始放在我的博客底部,但我会把它放在我的第一篇文章中以防万一。)

Disclosure Statement


我订阅了 博主道德准则,and am required,pursuant to those ethical guidelines
to this blog.我得到补偿,提供我对某些资源的意见,服务,网站
确定为付费广告)。However,though I receive compensation for certain posts
or advertisements,我会一直给出我的诚实的意见,调查结果,信仰,或经验
in this blog.The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own unless otherwise
indicated.任何产品索赔,warranty,统计的,quote or other representation about a product

Additional notes from me for people who wish to send me products or request advertising:
The links in my blog post (contextual links) are not for sale.I do test products and review books,although the sending me of products nor books does not guarantee a positive review nor a review at all on my blog.

If you have any questions for me,希望请我亲自或通过网络研讨会发言,write for you,or look at your product or service,please feel free to联系我or mail me at Vicki William Hill足球投注Davis PO Box 975 Camilla,GA 31730.

关于这个博客的问题,请联系 vicki@coolcatteacher.com.

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/31/2011

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Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/30/2011

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Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/29/2011

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Helping Students Have Learning Conversations that Matter

Social media has added to my life because there are incredible people in my sphere of socializing.What you get out of your time engaged with social media is directly proportional to the number and kind of people you socialize with online.



那是因为Twitter不是一个人的。找到使用Twitter的人,like Jerry Blumengarten ( @cybraryman1)还有安吉拉·迈尔斯( 安吉拉迈耶)你会从他们身上学到很多。

If you don't get Google+ (and I don't really...然而,but I will) then follow people like 沃格尔克里斯·波特谁做的。

If you don't understand Facebook,我真的发现了 玛丽·史密斯帮我弄到了。And in the last month or two,我很享受每天两次访问Facebook。(5:45 am and 7 pm ;-)


那边 在我的网页上,it has become a teacher conversation center.事实上,I've been thinking about renaming the page altogether.这根本不是关于我的,它真的是一个人们谈论教学的地方。Now,我知道,有了新的设置,人们可以在Facebook上跟踪我,而不必为我着迷,but I see my fan page as not about me but about the conversation.

就像很多人在那里写博客一样,I cogitate on a subject long before it comes here to my blog.I think about it and ask questions on Twitter about it.但我发现,我从真正的老师那里得到的最好答案往往会出现在Facebook上。Whether we talk about a talkative class (like we are today) or the struggle to keep up with grading,我总是发现伟大的想法正在出现。

Recent conversation about 威廉希尔体育app滚球assessments.我不断回来学习。

这有助于我在斗争中不感到孤独。As long as people preserve the privacy of their students and keep it professional (which it has been so far) I find that I'm learning a lot.

Learning from Conversation
对我来说,the great value is often not in the neat and tidy packaged textbooks and books that come out but in the rough,nubby,conversations with real teachers who are struggling like I am to be excellent,teach in powerful ways,让学生参与严谨的学习体验。

I had a teacher stop and talk to me at the church the other night and she was talking about her new principal.她很沮丧,说她只想问:


Because she feels that multiple choice just doesn't cut it.我发现通过这种网络,我在为我的未来学习。所以,this leads to my next question -- how are we letting students network for learning?Do they have places they can go for conversation to learn?

Learning Places for Conversation
我不知道答案,但我们都必须到那里。I know on our Flat Classroom Ning还有迪吉滕·埃德莫多,我们努力工作来进行对话。ON the Digiteen project we have one group Digiteen 11-3 and one group called recess and we work hard to have the social comments posted to recess.但现在是星期五,我保证会有人加入Digiteen Group并发帖,"I'm so glad its friday" and put a cute little moving avatar.And then another moving emoticon will be posted.一页又一页,我们会看到可爱的小人物形象——推下关于数字公民身份的对话。

这完全不是问题。孩子们聊天真好。But we're working hard to teach kids context.

Places should have a purpose.When they do and you establish community guidelines that are community enforced then it begins to work and that takes time.But you can't have community if you're in and out in the span of a few weeks.This takes long term relationships and community building.它会发生,但现在在线学习是如此多的在“项目”模式,我们需要转移到“地方”模式,项目通过小组进出。

我们需要有目的的地方,这样孩子们就可以有关于学习的重要对话。我们需要帮助减轻这一点。Facebook对他们来说应该很有趣,but can't we have LearnBook?还是数学矩阵?或者是一些孩子可以去的地方,这些地方是孩子们加入并进入未来的长期场所?

教育需要学习关系和社区,我们甚至还没有开始。Sure,我认为平教室是一个开始,but I think Flat Classroom should be years and years long and should be more than about technology but extend to all subjects.我们把部门划分得如此之多,以至于那种想法很难实现。

让我们问问自己这些问题。I do think textbook companies should look at communities but right now I don't think they want to be in the business of linking up kids - I mean look at the headaches involved?The only way to do this is to create communities of practice undergirded by teachersourcing and community guidelines.


Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/28/2011

  • 我一直在和斯科特纽科姆交流他们在俄亥俄州学校的所作所为,并收到这样的信息:“每个3-5岁的学生都有自己的智能手机(MLD)。We are starting BYOD with the upper grades this year." Here is their mobile learning blog.

    标签: 教育 移动学习 数学学习 wireless_connectivity

  • I think that Trina Crawford (tcrawford2011) has some great points about auto dm's on Twitter.我也不在乎他们,尽管我承认,我用它们做实验。I also have a service (I since turned off) that used to tweet right before I hit a 1K mark each time -- it bothered me and I think it would bother others.The thing is that when you tweet on twitter it should mostly be about helping others and inspiring them.Be helpful and the followers will come.我们越早了解到世界不再围绕着我们转,我们就应该回报并给予帮助,我们都会过得更好。Don't worry about followers - rather,值得追随者,追随者就会来。关心你的追随者,他们也会关心你。Be selfish and be lonely.热心助人,天是极限。

    标签: 教育 twitter

  • Scott Newcomb(Twitter上的@snewco)与St.Mary's city schools (Ohio).我被他学校的移动学习技术页面给迷住了。这里有大量用于移动学习的资源。

    标签: Education mobile

  • 所以,we thought we understood how Klout worked,现在我们没有。They totally changed their algorithm.Lots of really cool people dropped.我从71岁降到56岁!什么?人们发现计算这样一个分数是有意义的,但它应该理解什么是有效的,它都意味着什么。

    标签: 教育 克劳特

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星期三,October 26,二千零一十一



我们的老师一直在谈论这样一个事实,即我们需要持续在线PD和分享最佳实践。也,很多网络研讨会都有点长。We want to have bit sized presentations with time to ask questions.我们的第一套公寓将于明天开张,其中两位认证教师将展示他们对开发全球项目的看法。加入我们!

AmyJambor和SheriWilliams将把“开发Aglobal项目”作为一个简单的行动演讲。 Pleasejoin us at 网址:http://tinyurl.com/平话

#teaching starts In my Room

It's time to hide in your room.

When people are tired and with caffeine over-wired
It's time to hide in your room.

It's time to hide in your room.

你看,doom and gloom may loom

你的教室就是你的房间,your creation,your loom,

The most important attitude that walks in your door
就是那个 bring into your room.

用石头盾牌保护你的态度,keep the negative out


Students must learn every day,it cannot fluctuate with ebb and sway
keep things consistently positive in your room.

My mom was a teacher and she taught me true
one of the only places in this world that is yours
is your classroom.

拥有它。Love it.滋养它。Protect it,even from yourself.

Oh teacher,这是你的房间!
It is yours.


Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/26/2011

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"Tons of people are starting to jailbreak phones and I'm not sure if they understand if they should or what the impact is.I think it should be part of our recommendations."
“越狱是法律的一部分,版权,and fair use?" he said,引用他的副标题。

在短短的几句话中,我被一个新的调查和前沿问题的学生今天赶走了。I remember several years a go when some students came to me concerned that too many teens were sleeping with their cell phone in hand or under their pillow.他们说至少六个月后新闻媒体才发现。至少在五年前,网络欺凌在他们的雷达上出现,当时该项目首次启动,包括文本轰炸。

这就是为什么学生应该站在数字公民研究和建议的前沿。他们可以综合研究,拥有成年人根本无法拥有的个人观点。That is precisely where we put them in the 数字电视项目,也是。

Every student has a slightly different research topic.设计以这样一种方式让他们认为,it is challenging to coach each of them to understand their topic.Last Friday as we were continuing our authentic research phase of the Flat Classroom project,我让一个学生屏住呼吸,

"'Miss' Vicki,你不能给我们一份工作表吗?我今天不想思考。”




"Well,who has the same topic I do.我可以在他们的屏幕上看。”

答案是没有人有相同的 topic.不是在这些项目上。If two kids have the same topic at a school they are supposed to be in different classes,separated by time and space,so that each student will learn how to research.

我昨天和我的一个班讨论过这个问题。I always want my students to know WHY we do things in my class.“因为我是这么说的,”还不够好。我想让他们知道为什么我们学习我们的方式,为什么我做这些奇怪的,很难让他们思考。I asked the simple question,



"Because everybody knows that a few kids do the research and everybody just asks them and says the same thing those two or three people say,that's how it always is when we research the same topic."





通常情况下,学校的第一个抱怨和他们为什么不能开始全球合作项目是没有时间在课程中。The other issue I've seen is that a teacher who only has kids twice a week and is tasked with 150-200 kids is asked to do such a project.我现在有85个孩子参加了两个项目,到了最后,我已经精疲力尽了。那些为全球合作项目做出如此可扩展贡献的学校(比如 优秀的教师Berea School district在俄亥俄州),有很好的师生比,允许辅导。 (别让贝里亚的网站愚弄你,它们和它们来的时候一样锋利。)

更高层次的思考和深度,广泛的技术整合,学生在这里建立印尼国家电力公司,使用社交书签,使用教育网络,在维基上合作,而制作深奥的多媒体不能归结为一个一课“现在你知道一个工具”的方法。It requires immersive,体验式学习需要时间。



这种教学很难,但它是真实的。I just find it so interesting that I and the other teachers feel that so much of what we do is frowned upon as some sort of "jailbreaking" that "most" schools can't do.This is what every school should do in a globally connected world.说你没有时间,因为你必须为标准化考试做准备,这是可悲的。


对不起的,I didn't have time to add photos this morning,我可以稍后再回来添加。



我们说“是”,却从不停下来考虑我们是否有能力做些什么。我们撞到地上了。For what?

One thing I really enjoy about the Personal Kanban planning method (as described in 个人看板:地图工作生活导航 )我强烈建议你读这本书。这对我的生活有很大的影响。I've been using is the fact that by nature,it limits your work in process.

我必须承认,我一直对贴便条很势利。They fall down and you don't have a record of what you've done.They just seemed inefficient,但不再是了。
我们家的看板(我把孩子们的名字涂黑了)在左边是“甲板上”——今天是今天要做的事情。当我们在做什么的时候,we put it under our names.在右边就完成了。一天结束的时候,我把我们完成的每一件事都写在我的计划表上,并记下我今后改进的想法。每周重复做家务的项目,I stick on the back of this poster to be ready for next Saturday.I cannot put more items on this than can fit.对,这个周末很紧。

个人看板是关于视觉组织的。取自日本关于改善的术语(持续改进的过程)。你只能把你能放在甲板上的物品放在那里。贴便条的大小。我反对这个主意,但只是决定再试一次。That was three weeks a go.我发现,如果我把工作从我的计划中拉出来,并且能够很容易地组织和重新组织它,它只会让我集中精力。当重要的事情在我的计划中时,很容易忘记它们。

Perhaps I'll write more about the method but for now,just buy the book - they did a great job explaining the process.
Here is my personal Kanban board.At the top you can see,Today,WIP有3件东西的空间。垃圾桶是我在等待的事情,而做的就是我要做的事情。我在这里有一个特殊的地方,为FCP项目和底部完全是项目管理的扁平课堂书籍项目。I'm about to erase it and put my next book project there now.我把东西放在我的电路规划器里,不需要去学校董事会。看起来很奇怪,但是观察工作流程是很有动力的。

Limit your Work in Process
The MOST helpful thing I've found is that this system limits your work in process.我是一个可怕的多任务人,而且是一个如此忙碌的人,如果有人给我一些事情做的话——它会在一只耳朵里跑出来,在另一只耳朵里跑出来。

你的工作能力有限。You can't do EVERYTHING.你必须优先考虑并做出选择。你必须这样做。

There is nothing noble about telling a lie.Can you live with yourself if you tell another person,"sure,I'll do that for you" knowing full well that you are overworked,负担过重,以及你的工作量。你必须做出选择!

Limit your work in process.专注于一件事,然后转向下一件事。I love the WIP because when the bell rings I have to stop and teach.我每天都在8:15-11和12:15-2:15之间教书,在这段时间里只有一点休息。I'm not at my computer,我到处跑来跑去帮助学生和教学。但是如果我的在制品粘了,我记得我在做什么,一旦我完成了,我就会回到过去。


我在每个板上都有一个很小的空间用于WIP,因为我不能一次完成所有的工作。My problem with lists has always been that I'm an over-lister.当我列出我的船单,并威胁要沉没!

You can really use just about any system for organizing.The questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do you prioritize.
  • 你集中注意力了吗?
  • 你能完成任务吗?
  • 你知道你取得了什么成就吗?
  • Do you review what you did so you can improve it in the future?

If not,or if you're not happy with your organization system yet,个人看板值得一读,即使这些便签让你反感。你可以从这本写得很好的书中学到一些有价值的教训。




斯泰西·弗朗西斯说:“我不想死在我的音乐里。”42岁,单身妈妈,2岁,in her X Factor audition last month.

She had someone who told her she wasn't talented.她做不到。她开始相信了。
有人告诉她她不好。If she had believed that person.被误导了,sad,jealous person would have kept the world from this spine tingling,精神振奋,beautiful music.

For an uplifting,inspiring Sunday morning,观看这段7分钟的视频。对,这段视频值得传播。[视频链接: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FbsmvXzMJY]

你对自己失去信心了吗?Have you lost faith in your dream?

今天早上,我想让你花点时间思考一下你是谁和你的电话。我得看两遍。AS her mascara runs down her face,mine ran down my face with her.


当我在11月从gaetc回来,觉得自己被引导开始写这个博客的时候,有很多人告诉我不要这样做。他们告诉我为什么不能。It would be dangerous for me.我是谁?



Thank you for helping me in my own journey.我想我可能要开始看xfactor,看看Stacy会怎么样。真的!What a voice!

Don't die with that music inside of you

我有个朋友, 史葛·里格比,who is a double amputee and just ran his second iron man.Sometimes your gutt is right.但如果你不去尝试,你怎么知道呢?斯泰西不得不走上舞台。

你必须走上舞台,my friend.


Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/23/2011

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星期六,October 22,二千零一十一

Incredibly Useful Google Apps Correlated to Bloom's Revised Taxonomy #bloomstaxonomy

现在我们开始有用了!一段时间后 Kathy Schrockcreated a very useful 布卢姆分类网格correlated with Google Apps.虽然我们知道其中一些工具并不那么有用(即(google buzz)凯西的布局非常有用。Info-graphic type websites that allow us to digest a lot of things in a simple glance are the way we need to go to be efficient!

挖得更深,我找到一个网站 http://visualblooms.wikispaces.com/Michael Fischer@费舍尔1000) dedicated to visually representing Bloom's Taxonomic Heirarchy.下面的演示文稿在主页上。

免费网站- Powered By Wix.com

所以,我想挑战一下。Anyone else care to follow the lead and make useful infographics aligning free apps and tools to Blooms Taxonomy?


You can leave a link to your graphic below or just tweet it and tag it 纵论(是的,它很长,但是已经有人使用这个标签。)我现在正在跟踪这个标签。


在教孩子们如何建造一个印尼国家电力公司一周之后,在谷歌新闻订阅适当的搜索,bookmark,选择标签,总结内容——每个学生都有不同的主题——我累了。这是很难的教学。Higher order thinking often requires a higher order of teaching commitment.You have to coach each student.



学生“太太”维姬今天我累得想不起来了,can't you just give us a worksheet."
我:“我们这节课不做作业表。I don't give homework but I need your brain with me for 50 minutes."
我:“是的,but after we get going,它会变得更容易,你会知道一些事情。我不在乎你记住了什么,我关心的是教你如何思考。我们开始吧。”

如果你认为所有的孩子都会对向上移动和思考感到兴奋,you are wrong.记住和做工作表很容易。如果孩子们足够温顺,they can quietly work on a worksheet and a teacher could read a magazine.当你朝着更高的顺序前进时,你的身体必须从椅子上挪到教室里去。I literally now move in a clockwise manner around my room to make sure I help everyone equally.我在整个课堂上都这样做,尤其是像本周我5节课中的4节课那样进行真实的研究。This is tough.这很难。这并不容易。对我来说这需要大量的能量,对他们来说这需要脑力。

Let's talk HOTS
让我们开始使用我们的twitter带宽来讨论更高层次的思考,并以有助于我们分享最佳实践的创造性方式促进关于布鲁姆斯塔克森切开术的对话。Sure,we need to talk reform of the system but for me,我更关心自己教室的持续改进,因为这是我100%控制的一件事。



“合作生产是一种更为复杂的合作形式,as it increases the tension between individualand group goals.The litmus test for collaborative production is simple: no oneperson can take credit for what gets created,and the project could not comeinto being without the participation of many."

粘土雪橇 每个人都来了:没有组织的组织力量
  • 如果他们签了名,就得不到。
  • 如果他们写下其他东西并将“完成”的产品粘贴到wiki上,他们就不会得到它。

Wikipedia is an example.我们正努力让他们做好准备!We work together.绘制人类基因组图是合作的。

Why do they have to sign their name?为什么他们认为这不公平?他们难道没有意识到我们可以以一种细微的方式看到他们的贡献吗?Collaborative is a new thing and we've got to do better than this.


I'm seeing kids signing their names already on our Flat Classroom project--用户ID将不需要这个。

Some have copied from Diigo onto the page.再一次,不是重点。

Collaborative writing is such a struggle to teach because perhaps it goes against the grain of everything we're trying to do.

Thus the topic of my second bookto be published next year.如果你喜欢合作写作,也许你应该提交 个案研究.

Higher Order Thinking and Discipline: Two things Education needs NOW!

Seth Godin,author,改变制造者
Seth Godin不是上帝。I don't think he pretends to be but sometimes I think those that read his work don't realize who he is.他是天生的礼物作家/反叛者,他制定了自己的规则,有自己的事业。他是那种人。那太好了。我们需要更多的赛斯·戈丁。

在最近的一篇文章中,Seth makes a great point that we are going Back to (the wrong) school我们在教育1925年的孩子。




But there is also some sort of insinuation I read into the post that the problem is having teachers/ educators in authority.


We need to be promoting高阶思维.

记忆是最底层的。We aren't teaching problem solving.当我们继续看孩子们是否能记住时,我们并不是在教什么持久的东西。我们只是没有。

当赛斯说测试环境已经把我们推到了最底层的时候,他是在花钱。I'm glad he's saying it.

Kids need to be problem solvers.他们不需要随时被告知该做什么。他们需要知道如何解决问题。This is exactly why I don't teach point and click software and handle it more holistically.我们已经使用了30多个软件程序来解决我的计算机应用程序类中的问题,因为我们为个人和我们正在尝试创建的东西定制了体验。


我在这场讨论中看到的一个暗示就是我们 should disregard authority.There is a big difference between questioning what a person in authority says and the fact that a person in authority has authority.

学校缺乏纪律是我的许多老师朋友辞职的原因之一。我知道有一所当地学校和老师们讨论过在每个教室里放防弹玻璃来保护老师。保护学生怎么样?如果老师害怕,how about the poor scrawny kid who 一整天都不去洗手间因为他害怕欺负人?

作为一个社会,我们不信任权威人士。We don't trust organizations in authority.我们完全丧失了对权威的信仰。


The danger of Selective Authority
Many parents have advocated a principle of "selective authority." Selective authority looks like this

"I'm going to learn from you because you can give me something" or


This type of philosophy means if a kid can convince Mom and Dad that "my Lit teacher doesn't like me" and the kid knows that suddenly anything I do to that lit teacher is excused and encouraged.



Rafe Esquith在他的书中, 像你头发着火一样教学:56房间里的方法和疯狂 _谈到一个事件,一群五年级学生用亵渎和垃圾话打断了他们五年级的毕业典礼。雷夫把他们从诉讼程序中除名,校长立即告诉他们,每个人“都有权毕业”,而校方对此无能为力。



问题。The problem in many schools is that it is impossible to even teach lower order industrial age thinking because our society has so worshipped the young that we are encouraging a total disrespect for authority.

我们都有老板。我们都有法律要遵守。Lots of times we don't like the boss or the laws but we have to follow them anyway.我们需要跟随我们不喜欢的人,这样我们才能在生活中成功。即使我们不关心他们,我们也可以尊重他们的权威。


Show up and Keep your Promises
A young man at Walgreen's yesterday was talking to me.He was missing the first half of his family reunion because the manager could not get anyone to work for him.反正他在工作。我给他留下了很深的印象。他说,

'My Momma raised me right.我需要出现在他们依赖我的地方,遵守我的承诺。”

Respect for authority does not mean subservience,奴隶制,甚至最坏的情况,滥用。It means that we have guidelines.这意味着我们尊重对方,有个性。

We need yellow lines.

谢天谢地,路中间的黄线。正是这个指导方针使我们大家都安全。We need them in school too!

No Discipline Problems
我在职业生涯中遇到过一些纪律问题,但不多。通常情况下,I have to fill out a discipline form once or twice a year.That is because my principal is exceptional at handling discipline.他始终如一(写下自己的儿子没有理发),对每个人都很公平。

我可以自由教书。有时候,我承认,在另一位校长的指导下,情况并不那么令人愉快。When  discipline is maintained we have freedom to learn.

权威并不意味着一个人总是对的。The first day of class I always say something completely,totally WRONG.每个人都知道是错的。The kids now know my reputation and so they get it more often than not,但我总是说。

“这是我的教室,我们将共同努力学习,但这并不意味着我什么都知道。我有点错。你只是让我说你知道错了的话。为什么没有人反抗我?当权者说有问题时,什么是不同意的正确方式?(我们讨论)然后我结束了,“这是我们的教室。We learn from each other.如果你不同意我,I respect you if you disagree respectfully in a way that helps me and the others learn and I will treat you the same way.犯错是可以的,有时我会说一些让你觉得我可能同意,也可能不同意的话。我要你的头脑和思想,而不仅仅是你盲目地接受我说的话。但是你可以知道,如果我说了像我刚才那样的错误的话,我会在同一节课上纠正自己-你可以相信我说的话,but I needed to prove a point to you today.说你想说的,不要说我想让你说的。”

请注意,我并不是很习惯这样做,因为我希望学生相信我说的话。If I say something wrong,我总是很快地承认,所以他们知道我知道这是错的。我不认为总是“撒谎”来迷惑孩子是个好习惯。但做一次就可以说明一点,说我是故意做的,没关系。

这是有区别的。在这种情况下,I've preserved my authority.My "yellow line in the middle of the road" type authority while also making my classroom a safe place for open dialog,讨论,每个人都在学习。

Our Current Students aren't ready for 1925 work in some cases
A close family member employs some of those "1925 labor workers" as he works in a factory.问题是,他得到的许多工人甚至不适合这样做。They don't know how to show up on time and only 20% of them know fractions.(他们问气泡在哪里可以找到答案,并被告知在现实世界中,每个问题没有4个答案。)

马上,the current public education system,至少在南乔治亚州的这片土地上,甚至连优秀的工厂工人都没有。对,it is broken,是的,我们需要修复它。

We need people who can keep their promises.Who can be productive.他们不仅仅是测试良好的机器人。我们还需要知道基本数学和分数的学生,在没有气泡的真实世界中。

We need to improve and change how we are teaching but we also need to restore the guidelines and accountability that keep us safe.根据马斯洛的需求遗传理论,如果一个学生饿了,感到不安全,他们就不会去学习。对,we need to improve our teaching but to have good teaching we also need good discipline.

反对“工业时代照你说的去做”教育的危险在于有些人不会意识到step by step teaching,工作表心态,and memorization mantras are the problem and in fact will think it is having discipline,秩序,以及问题所在的指导方针。

所以,和塞思·戈丁一样聪明,take his posts on education for what they are.写得很好的大局评论教育中的大局问题,而不是如何解决教育问题的处方。说真的?I'm not even sure that some of our current education "leaders" are prepared to fix those problems as they have a self-interest in preserving the current systems that have gotten us where we are.

不管怎样,恢复秩序、纪律和安全是改善任何学校的重要组成部分。它叫做“ 学习环境" and it is a top indicator of a successful school.


Remember your noble calling,teacher.记住,那些批评一个系统的人是在批评一个系统。

There are many amazing teachers out there and most likely you are one of them.没有人能夺走你的高贵,但当你在你的下面行动时,you alone can give away that nobility.不管怎样,让我们尽我们所能去教书,直到人们意识到 教育的自由is one of the best things they could give teachers.

除非另有说明,photos are from iStock Photo.


  • 于2006开放,the Saltire Center in Glasgow has "rewritten the design book for libraries." It is fascinating and includes a ground floor coffee bar,沙发等。它们的使用量是前一个库的两倍。访问量在减少,现在他们起床了。图书馆致力于重塑学习的伟大案例研究。Hat tip to Ewan McIntosh - he's contributed a piece to our new Flat Classroom book.

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We're gearing up to take students to India.Here's info to join us.如果你对上课感兴趣,get those applications in.如果有帮助的话,我很乐意和我们学校一起安排旅行。

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Teaching is a noble calling.这就是为什么当一个老师不表现得高尚时,就会失去信任,我们会感到不安。我不得不承认,我做过“TT”(糟糕的老师)的日子,如果我们对自己诚实,我们都有。It is usually when we're tired,脾气暴躁或被父母叫醒,抱怨一些我们不太同意的事情。但没有借口。因为我教了10年,I believe I have few days as a TT if any but there are certainly things I can improve upon

所以,今天,I'll share a few of the things I think make a teacher terrible.

Some of you will be shocked that I've taken my positive tone out of this post.我确实有一个积极的信息。积极的信息是,当我们走上成为一个糟糕的老师的道路时,我们会检查自己,然后停下来。我们记得我们崇高的使命,并且更加坚定。That we move ahead and focus on our students.We can't afford to be a terrible teacher to even one student.


我有一个新的iPhone-今天上课时我把它锁在书桌上。Sure,我通常在学校核对我的清单或回答一个IT支持问题,但我的学生不知道。A cell phone in my hand,不管我在做什么,说有人离开房间比我房间里的人更重要。那是个谎言。当我在教书的时候,它们是房间里最重要的东西。我和他们之间不应该有任何隔阂。

Multitasking is a lie.You shouldn't be Facebooking,推特,电子邮件,冲浪,在课堂上阅读你的计划书或任何东西,即使是在考试中。You should be up and around in your classroom helping and TEACHING.They are paying you to teach,不要在虚拟教师休息室里闲逛。Teaching is work.你需要加入你的班级。当你坐在办公桌前,与学生脱离关系时,you suck the energy out of your classroom.


8- The teacher is always losing his/her temper or is predictably dramatic.
我一年发两到三次脾气,去年是两次。每个人都知道这是因为它很罕见。If you're losing your temper a lot you need to figure out why and get help.你可能很累或者压力很大,but you are the adult.你没有理由要提高嗓门,或是经常发脾气。这对你不好,对学生也不好。欺负人的老师应该为自己感到羞耻。

可以预见的是,当你很生气的时候,你会跳到桌子上。孩子们第一次感到震惊,安静下来。But then,他们开始密谋。You have sealed your doom.

不要大声喊分数,即使是对最优秀的学生也是如此。这很尴尬。不要这样做。老师这样做是件可怕的事情。当你在课堂上为任何事责骂他们时,这也是很可怕的。如果你想失去课堂上的尊重,让他们看到你无礼地对待一个同学,即使是他们不喜欢的同学。This isn't a contest and it isn't a reality show.私下处理私事。时期。

你知道20分钟后他们睡着了吗?想象一下费里斯·布勒休假的校长。This sort of thing will kill the love of learning.学会倾听线索并注意它们。When quite a few kids start going to sleep DO SOMETHING.改变你的声音。Have them read.问一个问题。对于大多数学生来说,延长的讲座应该被视为是在进行教学活动。睡觉不是一种选择。我有一个例外,当一个孩子正在克服一个损失或有一些事情发生在他们的家庭,但这通常是一个不为我。

工作表对许多孩子来说很难。I have one child who really doesn't learn a thing from them.当老师只坚持一种形式时,他/她会教那些通过这种形式学习的孩子,其他人都是“坏学生”。我们可以区分,我们可以使用多种形式。Wanda the One Note Worksheet Wonder will kill the love of learning in a class of students who are auditory learners.同样,如果你只通过测试来评估学习,you're missing the point and you're probably also missing the learning that could happen.

You May Not Elect to Fail
Let me tell you something.“好”学生可以在有书的房间里独自学习,不需要老师。A good teacher can make a good student into a great one.但是一个好老师也能帮助每个孩子。

I know of a child with a significant LD who is now one of the most successful thoracic surgeons I know.I now an incredibly gifted graphic designers who has some of the leading Fortune 100 companies knocking on her door but was made to feel like an idiot because she couldn't diagram sentences in middle school.好的老师努力去接触和教育所有的孩子。If you only want to work with "good" students then I'm happy that you have such a great teaching environment but the reality of most of our classrooms is that we have some kids who could go either way.我只教好学生,因为我相信我所有的学生都很棒。I get what I believe and expect.

I know a math teacher who fought getting a new book because it would mean making out new tests and this person had been using the same tests for over 15 years.有些学生得不到一门学科,需要额外的帮助和评估,而另一些学生得不到。威廉希尔体育app滚球当我教二进制数时,有些年我可以在2天内完成,有些则需要7天。这取决于学生。

2- The Teacher whose words mean nothing.

"Slow down ....现在。。。现在…
"I said slow down."

这名官员会成为一个笑话,因为他的行为中没有牙齿。说你的意思,说你的意思。要始终如一。但不要对他们撒谎。Don't threaten with no follow through but if you're threatening a lot,那为什么呢?你为什么要数数?你的话就够了。

1- Hate your students
如果这是你,你为什么要教书?当你谈论一个学生时,它最终会回到你的学生那里。我不尊重那些我认为对某个学生有敌意的老师。I admit I've had 3 in my teaching career who were especially hard for me to love.但我必须调整我自己的态度,知道即使那个孩子的目标是要抓住我,我在上面。我是一个做重要工作的成年人,我会表现得很高尚。No one can take away my nobility but me.


当你搞砸了,fess up.

今年早些时候我有个学生,我觉得很尴尬。我对此很不高兴。I didn't mean to,I saw her blush and realized it after the fact.后来我找到她,向她道歉。She tried to let me out of it but I said,

“你对我很重要,我觉得我让你难堪。You need to know you can trust me and I will do everything in my power to never do it again.我很抱歉,这不是故意的。你能原谅我吗?”

I already had a good relationship with that student but now it is a great one.I treasure her and she knows she can trust me.我想是因为我向她承认了这一点,并且对它很人性化,她愿意原谅我。I'm so glad I did.你有需要道歉的学生吗?去做吧。

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