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how will they remember me??

This song by Nicole Nordemanhas the question that I ponder today as we bury one of the inspirations of my life,my grandmother.

为了在今天的工作中发挥作用,it is vital that sometimes we back up and observe ourselves from afar --"他们会怎么记得我?""

  • 我是个好听众吗?(or a self absorbed know it all?)
  • Was I helpful?(or did I make people feel helpless?)
  • Did I use the power I do have for good?(或者只是为了自己的目的?)
  • 我是否在别人身上找到了才能,并帮助他们走上自己的道路?(或者我只是关心自己的认可)
  • 我是否激励了其他人??



I will tell you what I have learned from my Granny:

  • Life is too short to intentionally make enemies.

    结交朋友,除掉敌人,如果你不能,知道如果他们谈论你,that means you're doing something -- you cannot please everyone all of the time.

  • Do not let popularity be your greatest aim.

    Popularity is often tied to how much money you have or other functions of power.历史上最伟大的男人和女人往往不受欢迎,但他们完成了任务。我祖母既过着极端贫困的生活,又过着极端富裕的生活,她知道自己受到的待遇有什么不同。我丈夫常说他拥有一艘船时朋友最多。为了我,it is about doing what is right,telling the truth,and speaking out when it is important and butting out when it is not.(并且有智慧去了解差异。)

  • 放松,放松自己。

    "有时候,你得让这股粗犷的风头拖下去。”她总是说。每一个五月都成为我的咒语。Perfectionists tend to be way too hard on themselves and others,当时局艰难时,尽你所能,这就足够了。

  • 障碍造就伟大的故事。

    When meeting with obstacles,她总是说Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition."My grandmother was an overcomer of obstacles.She was a very smart lady,but when her brother became deaf and needed to go to a special school for the deaf,她选择在高中毕业后去工作以支付他的学费。她努力抓住家庭农场,and then built it into one of the nicest real estate developments in Birmingham self-educating herself and learning the real estate business and getting licensing -- all without a college education.She did her own tax returns until she was 82 including all of the trusts and complex legal arrangements and land holdings.障碍从未阻止过她,她把它们看作是一个等待诞生的伟大故事。

  • Let love be your greatest aim.

    It was her life.

她教我的东西太多了,但当我等着别人来接我去墓地,在她墓前唱歌时”It is Well with my soul"我知道——她在我的生活中留下了爱和善良的遗产。

所以,as I blog,我认为每个职位都是留给我自己孩子的遗产的一部分。我想激励他们克服,be more,do right,彼此相爱。There are many others in the blogosphere who have this kindred feeling of leaving a legacy and it is an undeniable part of what we all do.


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